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How To Find An Effective Solution For Scoliosis

ByVivian McNeil


Maturing boys should be living up to their youth – playing wild games with their friends, sweating it out in the park, playing basketball, and experiencing the wacky voice-changing period.

Growing girls should thrive in their girlhood by taking an extra-curricular dance or gym class, biking, and playing ball (to stay fit) and their biggest worry should be their test grades.

But what happens when they can’t do all that with a carefree demeanor typically found in preteens – because of back pain?

Scoliosis is a devil that lodges itself in the back and causes significant discomfort.

Often, when children, both boys and girls hit puberty, and experience growth spurts, scoliosis can develop.

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine.

Scoliosis gets worse when left untreated.

Scoliosis hurts.

Why Shouldn’t I do Scoliosis Spine Surgery?

Sure, you can try spine surgery. Only, this is what you should know.

It is:

Causes wound infection
Prolonged recovery time

Scoliosis surgery is only recommended when the scoliotic curve is considered severe and is greater than 45 degrees.
If your child’s diagnosis is less than 45 degrees and moderate,
Take the scoliosis alternative treatment – a back brace.

But not just any back brace.

The Rigo Cheneau Brace.

Some people have a negative connotation with the word brace.

They think a brace is a flimsy contraption that offers temporary support.

Maybe there are braces like that.

But the Rigo Cheneau Brace – definitely isn’t.

Some people are hesitant, asking questions like:

“Are the effects of a scoliosis brace lost once the brace is removed?”

“How long is this process?”

“Will my child experience discomfort?”

Parents want the best for their child. They want to give them the world, the sun, some glittery stars, and most of all – Comfort.

They’re apprehensive.

They’re worrisome.


They’re undereducated.

Scoliosis care is quite complex, but it shouldn’t be.

Education on treatments that are effective for scoliosis is vital for your child’s health and well-being.

(If you’re one of these parents who are ready to learn, explore and educate themselves for their child’s sake.)

Are you reading on?

You’re a great parent.

Here’s An Award For Being The Worlds Best Mom 🏆

Let’s begin with addressing the most common question:

Can You Fix Scoliosis?

Firstly, be prepared to hear this from an old-school doctor.

“Oh, your child has moderate scoliosis. It’s not that bad. Don’t do anything.”

But, time and experience have taught us that neglecting scoliosis can result in an increase in severity.

Once the scoliosis is extreme – the only option is invasive spine surgery.

(Yes, you can go back to review the harmful effects of surgery, but don’t bother. If you’re considering trying a practical and comfortable solution, there’s no need for that.)

If you can prevent surgery – at all costs – do.

No one wants to place their child on a surgery table if they can take proactive measures and early interventions.

In severe cases, such as neuromuscular and continental congenital scoliosis, surgery is the primary option.

Yet, in the case of mild idiopathic scoliosis, surgery is a quick fix but not a necessity.
At all.

Prevent years of pain.

A brace, if worn as instructed, can completely heal scoliosis.

What Is The WCR Brace Solution?

The Rigo Cheneau Brace is a highly detailed and effective brace that is custom-designed to each patient’s pressure and breathing points. 

It is a thermoplastic brace designed to treat scoliosis conservatively while considering that scoliosis is a three-dimensional deformity. 

The most impressive part of this brace? PROMISED COMFORT.

Raul Ferrera – the technical director at the Align Clinic Team, worked on developing this special brace to create a lasting effect. This brace is the advanced and fine-tuned brace designed inspired by Dr. Jacues Cheneau and Dr. Emanuel Rigo of Barcelona, hence the name.

Is The Rigo Chaneau Brace Comfortable?

The WCR device is constructed of a lightweight thermoplastic material called polypropylene. What was once cumbersome cage-like restrictive braces now is light and virtually unnoticeable. Most patients adapt easily to the brace after about one week.

Childhood Scoliosis Treatment:

You may wonder why you must take proactive measures if your child has been diagnosed with a moderate case of scoliosis.

Logic might tell you if it isn’t so bad – why mess?

Fear not; you aren’t alone in this.

There are two crucial reasons why you should consider treating scoliosis as an early intervention.

  1. The severity might increase, and then only surgery will be effective.
  2. Scoliosis causes embarrassment and social distress.

Many children have confided that they experienced shame and embarrassment from scoliosis.
Unfortunately, children might avoid social scenes, activities, or hobbies because of scoliosis.

They can feel embarrassed to show their back when swimming, wear loose clothes, or will wear their hair long for the sole reason to conceal their deformity. Although it isn’t their fault, they feel second best and have a big secret to carry.

Children were created like the spirit of the earth with energy and curiosity. Children, by default, should explore, play, and grow. Youth is a one-time gift, and unfortunately, some children can’t appreciate that gift. When a child carries a burden this big, it may result in stunted growth and social underdevelopment.

Allow children to be children again.

What Is The Schroth Method?

The Schroth method of therapy is to be used in conjunction with the Rigo Cheneau Brace.

The symmetry of the Rigo Cheneau Brace with the Schroth method of therapy is highly effective.

The Schroth method uses exercises customized for each patient individually to return the curved spine to a more natural position. The goal of Schroth exercises is to de-rotate, elongate and stabilize the spine in a three-dimensional plane.

So why isn’t everyone doing the Schroth method and Rigo Cheneau Brace?

Great question.

Sticking to a healing plan requires commitment and consistency.
Some children want to see the end goal sooner, so they remove the brace when they think they are done. Uh oh, mistake.

Suppose you are genuinely committed to wearing the brace for the optimal amount of time and religiously follow up on your Schroth therapy. In that case, you will see the magnificent results and straighten the curved spine.

So yes, you can fix your spine.

You can fix your back.

You can finally walk proudly with your head held high and your shoulders straight.

Below, you will find the answers to the questions many parents have.

So follow along as I drop some questions you, yourself, might have.


Q: Will the brace’s effect last after removal?

A: Of course, we would never offer a product that isn’t tested and proven.

Q: Is the brace painful?

A: As addressed above, there’s minor discomfort initially, but afterward, it’s super comfortable.

Q: How long does this process take?

A: On average, it may take 23 hours a day for 12-15 months, but customized care is our specialty, and the process time can vary. 

Q: Does my child need to wear this brace to sleep?

A: Yes, since the optimal hours to wear the brace per day is x amount, your child is required to sleep with a brace.

Why Should I Trust All This?

Hear what our patients have to say for themselves – and then be the judge.

“Lynn is pleased how thin the brace is and that it’s easy to wear under clothing.”

Dear Align Scoliosis Foundation,
My husband and I would like to pass on our gratitude for being chosen as recipients of the scholarship for our daughter’s WCR brace. Without Lynn mentioning this opportunity, we would have had an undue hardship. Lynn encouraged us to apply, and we are so glad we did. My daughter received her WCR brace last Tuesday and, so far, has adapted quite well. She was pleased with how thin it was and that it was easy to wear under clothing. After we received the brace, we bought her some new clothes to wear with it. She is a teenage girl, so fashion is significant to her. As parents, we are encouraged the brace won’t just hold her curve but hopefully decrease it while providing some rotation of her hips. We know we chose the correct brace and are so thankful for Emery’s expertise and Lynn’s knowledge of financial assistance. We can’t thank you enough and are so grateful to you and the foundation.
Sincerely, Jeremy and Julie N. – Green Bay, WI.

Want your child to be a success story?

Sounds too great to be true?

Well, it is.

It’s time for your child to experience a ground-breaking revolution of a comfortable solution for scoliosis.

Schedule Your Child’s Free Screening

With regards to your loved one, their suffering is about to end. 

You are taking the proper steps to ensure your child has smooth adulthood, increased healthy confidence, and a better, healthier, stronger version of oneself.

You are brave, 

You are strong, 

You are who you’re meant to be and you’re on the road to healing.

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